Stuck indoors? Here Is Why You Need More Vitamin D 

April 28, 2020

Stuck indoors? Here Is Why You Need More Vitamin D 

The Importance of Vitamin D and How To Get Your Daily Dose For Stronger Immunity

Our lifestyles have changed drastically over the last few weeks — cancellations and disruptions in everyday life as millions of people are ordered to stay inside their homes.

Being indoors all the time also poses health risks to humans. It increases our risk of Vitamin D deficiency.

Today, let’s talk about the importance of Vitamin D and how you can get your daily dose while staying safe indoors. 

Why is vitamin D important?

Aside from being widely known as the vitamin that maintains our bone and muscle health, Vitamin D also plays an integral role in the absorption of the nutrients in the food we eat.

It is needed to create the hormone that helps us absorb calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and process other biological reactions.

Not getting enough of this “sunshine vitamin” is linked to weak, brittle bones, hair loss, and even depression.

Vitamin D helps boost our immune system

More importantly, Vitamin D is needed by our body for a healthy immune system

Evaluation of a total of 25 research studies on the topic report that regular vitamin D supplementation improves protection against acute respiratory infections, especially for people who are deficient.

You may know that Vitamin C is the hero when it comes to boosting our immune system but experts also agree that Vitamin D is also needed by our bodies to protect us from pathogens that cause infection and diseases.


A 2018 research found that 42% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D.


How can I get my daily dose of Vitamin D?

Our skin naturally synthesizes Vitamin D when we’re exposed to sunlight. 

However, since we’re indoors most times, we’re not getting the recommended amount which is 600 to 800 IU daily.

One way to get your daily dose is through diet. Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, tuna, and mackerel contain large amounts of this essential vitamin. Other foods like beef liver, eggs, mushrooms, and cheese contain small amounts of Vitamin D but these alone are not enough to satisfy your daily needs.

If you're not eating oily fish daily, experts recommend taking Vitamin D supplements like YEOUTH Vitamin D3 Liquid every day.

Containing 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 per drop, this daily supplement easily provides your daily needs for optimal absorption of nutrients and minerals for stronger bones, joints, and better immunity.

YEOUTH Vitamin D3 Liquid ($34.94)


Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

We’re all different and our individual vitamin D levels can vary depending on the time of year, our location, our job, the clothes we wear, and even our skin color.

Support your immune system with Vitamin D and boost your protection from illnesses and infections. It is especially important now more than ever given what is going on globally health-wise. 

Get enough sunlight, enrich your diet with the right vitamins and nutrients, take a daily supplement, and live a healthy lifestyle. Brighter days are ahead of us!


How are you boosting your immunity this season? Have you tried our Vitamin D3 Liquid?

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