4 Tips to Revitalize Aging Skin

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Aging takes its toll on our body, especially on the skin, but no need to worry! You can still turn back the hands of time. Just follow these tips, get the right skincare products and regain that youthful, beautiful skin you once had!

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Moisturizing 101

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The biggest beauty tip that we always hear is to moisturize. Sounds too easy but it can be a little intimidating and confusing at times. Find out the whats, whys and hows of moisturizing and be on your way to beautiful, healthy skin!

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Synthetic Skincare Ingredients: Are they Good or Bad?

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When it comes to synthetic ingredients, we all know one thing for sure: they’re the substances listed in the back of our beauty products that are so hard to pronounce. But what do they really do for our skin? Are they doing more good or harm?

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HUDA Beauty Review Team "This Famous Skincare Dupe Will Literally Change Your Skin – for $100 less!"

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YEOUTH, a division of KevGo Brands, LLC has just announced its new endeavor, to take on SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic’s with their own Hyaluronic Acid Cream with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Tripeptide 31. This looks to be great news to all anti-aging skincare customers and should prove fortunate to anyone looking for a super nourishing, hydrating and skin smoothing skincare solution. 

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YEOUTH’s Retinol Eye Cream: Why Retinol Simply Works

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The beauty aisles are a sanctuary of concoctions that promise to give the skin that youthful glow, turn back the clock, and rejuvenate the skin. If you check the labels of these skincare products, you will notice several of these commonly used age-defying and beautifying ingredients: antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamins, peptides, soy, and others.

These ingredients are great, but there is one ingredient that has been proven to work wonders to bring rejuvenation to our skin and give off that beautiful, youthful glow: Retinol. Retinol is an ingredient that remains to be the gold standard in anti-aging for dermatologists and researchers alike. Why? For this one very simple reason: it works.

What is Retinol?


Retinol is also known as vitamin A. It is a type of retinoid, the family of chemical compounds related to vitamin A. Here are the other forms that retinoids take: retinoic acid (also known as tretinoin), retinyl palmitate, and retinaldehyde. These other forms of retinoids are commonly seen in different skin care products.

Tretinoin is typically used as an acne cream. The other forms of retinoid are also known for its effectiveness in reducing signs of aging, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firm the skin, even out the skin tone, and reduce hyperpigmentation.

How Does Retinol Work? 

When retinol comes in contact with the skin, the skin receptors are activated, signaling the production of enzymes. These bodily enzymes work to convert retinol into its acidic form (retinoic acid), which is its most active form. The same process happens with the other types and forms of retinoids. It is this most active form of retinoid, retinoic acid, that is able to work on a cellular level and engage with the skin cells, thus bringing forth wonderful beauty benefits to the skin.

First, retinoic acid can hasten the skin’s exfoliation process. When this happens, new skin cells are “born”, replacing the old skin cells. As a result, pigments and blemishes are made to disappear.

Second, retinoic acid has the power to stimulate and increase the production of collagen and elastin. Research shows that retinoic acid can retain collagen in the skin for years! These two proteins are responsible for enhancing the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Without collagen and elastin, your skin will become weak, which results to sagginess and wrinkles. Also, in the absence of collagen and elastin, skin will not be protected from stressors whether externally (pollution, heat, etc.) or internally (stress brought forth by release of cortisol). Hence, collagen and elastin are essential in keeping one’s skin firm, vibrant, healthy, and glowing.

All thanks to retinoic acid, you can say goodbye to stubborn acne, stress-induced wrinkles, as well as pigmentations and dark spots brought about by too much sun exposure. With the regular use of retinol, you can experience optimum skin health!

Are there any side effects?

Retinoids have come a long way since its discovery many years ago. However, even one of the best anti-aging ingredients out there needs to team up with the protection offered by sunscreens in order to achieve optimum results.

Any skincare product with retinol is likely to make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure. This is why you need to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays when you are treating your skin with retinol. You can do this by regularly applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. 

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Applying sunscreen is very critical when using retinol. Keep in mind too that even though retinol is one of the best skincare ingredients out there, one superstar ingredient is not enough to take the best possible care of skin.

It is for this very reason that all of YEOUTH’s formulas infuse its products with other ingredients that are as equally effective in rejuvenating and sustaining your skin. YEOUTH makes use of ingredients that serve as antioxidants, which restore skin cells and replenish the skin overall.

Try YEOUTH’s Retinol Eye Cream

An ultimate all-around eye cream that will consistently deliver truly exceptional results for every eye concern. YEOUTH’s Retinol eye cream is formulated with skin-loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, Caffeine, and Ginseng. This is the finest age-defying formulation that you will ever get your hands on!

YEOUTH’s Retinol Eye Cream Key Ingredients


What more can we say about the wonder ingredient that is retinol? It has been used for decades as an age-defying and beautifying ingredient. It has the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the face by producing and retaining proteins like collagen, thus leaving the face young-looking, supple, and vibrant.

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Hyaluronic Acid

Our skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid. It is responsible for moisturizing the skin. Hyaluronic acid also helps minimize wrinkles because of its moisture-retention properties. However, as we age, less of this acid is produced by our skin. Therefore, a regular provision for hyaluronic acid can do wonders especially to the skin around your eyes.

Green Tea

This ingredient contains some of the most powerful antioxidants known to scientists. These antioxidants help keep premature aging at bay by fighting off free radicals and healing damaged cells. Green tea also helps inhibit the enzymes that break down elastin and collagen, which are both highly essential to keep your skin supple, elastic, and youthful.

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Applied topically, caffeine brings an inhibitory action which prevents inflammation. As a result, your skin can easily and quickly heal from stressors that injure and attack your skin on a cellular level. Antioxidants present in caffeine likewise ward off free radicals that damage the skin.


Ginseng is packed with natural ingredients and nutrients that help tone and brighten the skin. Research shows that ginseng can also fight off wrinkles because of its ability to boost collagen production.


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New Beauty Must-Have: YEOUTH's Day/Night Cream Powered with Snail Extract, Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, & Peptides

Posted on May 25, 2017 by Jane Young | 1 comment

So now… How about an intriguing story which involves a small, unusual, but powerful superhero of the Asian skincare world called a gastropod mollusk?

Also known as a snail.

That’s right. Snails are just about to become your best friend.

If you haven’t started using snail extracts yet, then you’re missing out on a lot. Or maybe you already are using snail extracts in your skincare products, you’re just not well aware of it yet. Either way, snail extracts can do you wonders. Understandably, applying snail goo all over your skin, let alone your face, doesn’t sound very appealing. However, the hydrating, healing, and anti-aging benefits of it are evident even after the first use, and are just absolutely undeniable.

Snail extract is the celebrated ingredient behind YEOUTH’S new formulation of the YEOUTH Day/Night Moisturizer. Its powers perfectly combine with the anti-aging and antioxidant effects of Green Tea, the hydrating magic of Hyaluronic Acid, and the superstar effects of collagen-bringing peptides. This hardworking Moisturizer is lightweight to get you ready for just about anything during the day, and potent enough to keep your skin firm, elastic, and supple at night.

How can this powerhouse moisturizer deliver optimum hydrating and anti-aging results?

The magic lies in the ingredients! Let’s go over them one by one, shall we?

1. Snail Extract

Snail enzyme is made up of nutrients with antimicrobial properties and other properties beneficial to the human skin. It is rich in hyaluronic acid and proteins that facilitate elastin and collagen production. Because of these properties, dermatologists and researchers have been combining it with facial creams and beauty products – and the result? A facial regimen can firm up the skin, bring a youthful glow, stimulate skin regeneration, even out complexion, fade acne scars, and provide optimum skin moisture.

We’ve all seen how snails move – they leave traces of a thick fluid just about anywhere and everywhere they go. The excretion of this thick fluid is actually a protective mechanism. They use this thick fluid to heal the cuts that they get whenever they slide across rocks and rough surfaces – remember that their bodies are very soft. The human skin likewise excretes oils as a means of protective mechanism. The human skin excretions are mostly composed of lipids and dead skin cells, which serve to naturally moisturize the skin; without such a mechanism, the skin will dry up and easily wound.

2. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our cells. This nutrient is responsible for keeping our skin hydrated, plump, and supple. It is the ultimate hydrator – it actually attracts water. And as we know, a well-hydrated skin prevents the occurrence of signs of premature aging, breakouts, and excess oil.

Another reason why hyaluronic acid is so important is because although it is naturally found in our cells. It is proven that our cells actually contain less and less of this superstar compound as we age. As a result, our skin is made vulnerable to dryness, sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines.

3. Green tea

The Basics

What if you were told that the actual secret to healthy, glowing skin is actually in  green tea? That’s right. Green tea contains anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial elements responsible for regulating hormonal imbalances and suppressing bacterial activity that cause facial acne. Green tea also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce redness and swelling on the face caused by acne, effectively sparing one from acne scars.

Green tea is also popularly known as the ultimate antioxidant. This is particularly important because a lot of what we do negatively affects our skin – poor eating habits, stressful and sedentary lifestyle, too much sunlight and pollution exposure – we are constantly exposed to free radicals that damage our skin. Green tea has properties and ingredients that can revive dying skin cells, promote healing to damaged cells, ward off signs of premature aging, and give off that youthful, healthy glow.

4. Peptides

The Basics

A peptide is a chain or a link of two or more amino acids (remember your Chemistry lesson?).

Collagen, which is a highly abundant protein in the body, is particularly important in understanding how these peptides work.

Because of age and other environmental factors, collagen in the body can break down. Whenever collagen is broken down, the links of amino acids also get disentangled and broken. The separation of these links cause the skin to wrinkle and get thinner over time. The presence of broken peptides sends messages to the body, requiring it to generate more collagen. This is why applying topical peptides found in skin care products makes your body think that given the presence of these peptides, it needs to manufacture more collagen. The result? Super supple, glowing skin!

Introducing YEOUTH’s Day/Night Cream with Snail Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, and Peptides

YEOUTH Day/Night Cream is just everything that you need for a day/night moisturizer cream to be – it is lightweight, unscented, milky, and with a viscous texture that leaves your skin not only hydrated and glowing, but also feeling smooth all day long. It also contains several potent ingredients, making it the ultimate all-in-one skin product.
What You Must Know

Snail extract is the ultimate hero ingredient of this product, which works to prevent acne, minimize acne scarring, and work to fight away premature signs of aging.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-fledged devotee of the magic that is snail extract, or just a newbie in all of it. This moisturizer from YEOUTH is an absolute must-have. It works to heal, protect, and hydrate your skin while leaving it with a silky, smooth finish – day or night.

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Dead Sea Mud Mask - Why Is It So Good for You?

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Dead Sea mud was used by queens and pharaohs in the ancient times. The mud from the Dead Sea is thought to be very restorative that even today, thousands of tourists visit the Dead Sea every year to get relief from their ailments.

Now you can experience the healing powers of this nutrient and mineral-rich mud from the comfort of your own home.

What makes the Dead Sea mud so unique? And what exactly are its benefits? Read on.

What is Dead Sea Mud?

The healing powers of the dead sea is more than just myth. The Dead Sea is a fascinating place. It’s a tiny body of water nestled between the west bank, Israel and Jordan. Despite its size, it’s unique because it’s the lowest place on Earth, and it’s so salty that you’ll float without even trying. The landscape of the sea causes numerous minerals and substances to be deposited into the sea. It eventually washes ashore to the sea’s bank providing a rich mud that is filled with natural goodness.  

Within the mud, scientists have discovered high concentrations of bromides, magnesium, sodium, phosphates, and other minerals. Studies have suggested that these minerals can detoxify and hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation and roughness, and improving various skin conditions, including psoriasis.

Intrigued? Let’s elaborate on the benefits, shall we?

Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

1. Detoxifies

The mud’s gentle pulling action helps gently exfoliate the skin and draw out impurities and toxins, so it’s a perfect addition to any skincare regime. It’s also great for oily, acne-prone skin.

2. Increases Circulation

Ever noticed how after doing a facial your skin is red? That’s because facials stimulate blood flow and body masks or wraps do the same thing. Circulation helps bring vital nutrients and oxygen to your cells and carry away toxins and wastes — all essential to healthy and normal cell functioning.

3. Improves Skin Health

Dead sea mud is high in minerals, such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium, so it nourishes the skin. It also naturally softens and moisturizes, so it dramatically improves the appearance and health of your skin leaving it clearer and more toned.

4. Treats Skin Conditions

Studies by the Dead Sea Research Center (DSRC), a non-profit organization, have shown Dead Sea mud is useful for treating skin conditions, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and vitiligo. The black mineral mud found in the Dead Sea region rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron, is essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin. The natural properties of mud have been scientifically proven to restore suppleness and moisture levels in overly dry skin while relieving and soothing symptoms such as soreness, roughness, redness and cracking.

5. Moisturizes Skin & Treats Acne

Not only does Dead Sea mud contain beneficial minerals, but it's also been shown to help reduce acne-causing bacteria while limiting inflammation at the same time! A popular treatment at high-end spas in Israel and beyond, body wraps made from Dead Sea mud are thought to nourish, moisturize, and detoxify the skin.

6. Relieves Aches & Pains

Dead sea mud is therapeutic and useful for treating rheumatic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It’s also beneficial for fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, and sports injuries. It’s even useful for relaxing sore muscles. You may use the mud as a pack to treat specific sites if you don’t have time for a full body treatment.

Introducing YEOUTH’s Dead Sea Mud Mask

With a passion for creating no-nonsense skincare fit for today’s women and men, YEOUTH formulated a unique blend of skin-loving ingredients to create a quality facial mask that is nourishing, hydrating, and delivers the best results for your skin.

YEOUTH’s Dead Sea Mud Mask is perfectly blended with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Oatmeal, & Avocado Oil. As the facial mud mask dries, it opens up pores and pulls out excess oils, toxins, blackheads and pore-clogging pollutants. It infuses pores with a high concentration of minerals from the Dead Sea mud. Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Oatmeal, & Avocado Oil nourishes and stimulates your skin from within – providing for an effective natural skin care treatment.

Now go ahead and treat yourself to a 5,000 year beauty tradition… at home!

How to Use It:

Begin by washing your face with lukewarm water.  Remove any makeup or grease to leave your skin clean. Apply a generous amount with your fingers.  Allow the mud to dry naturally on the skin, for about 20 minutes, and then wash off with warm water. 

The mud acts as a detoxifier, cleansing the skin, and removing impurities from the pores. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. Enjoy your rejuvenated, noticeably softer and smoother skin!

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Have you ever used a Dead Sea Mud Mask? Share your story in the comments below!