YEOUTH Retinol 2.5 Serum vs L'Oréal's SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0

June 22, 2018 1 Comment

YEOUTH, a division of KevGo Brands, LLC have just announced its new endeavor, to take on marketing giant L'Oréal owned SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 Maximum Strength Refining Night Cream (1 fl oz.) with their own potent YEOUTH Retinol 2.5% Serum for a third of the price. This looks to be great news to all women who want to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage and should prove fortunate to anyone looking for clinically proven medical grade ingredients backed up by in-depth university research.

YEOUTH, a popular anti-aging skincare product formulator and manufacturer based in Albuquerque, has decided it will make a real push to be known for its Effective Formulas For a Third of the Price mantra and become the number one choice for informed skincare enthusiasts searching for products formulated with clinically proven medical grade ingredients backed up by in depth university research - who may be thinking about paying high prices to Skincuticals owned by marketing giant L'Oréal instead.

Kevin Mallory, Founder and Chief Chemist at YEOUTH says: “We wanted to give ourselves and our customers similar formulas for a third of the price and we’re now making a bit of noise about it, because we felt that too many people who care about their skin were having to pay way too much for giant skincare companies' marketing staff and budgets, so we created as good or better medical grade products formulated with clinically proven effective ingredients and we sell them for a lot lot less.”

YEOUTH, has tried to separate itself from the competition since its inception, striving to do better than other anti-aging skincare product formulators and manufacturers around. This new endeavor is just one of the many ways it plans to continue standing out.

Kevin Mallory is also very pleased about all of the unsolicited five star reviews his products receive from the likes of HUDA Beauty and Women's Health Magazine, and believes this is a key motivator for customers who have decided to go with them in the past, as opposed to Skincuticals and L'Oréal. "For three years we've been flying under the radar but now highly influential experts are writing about our products. It validates our focus on effective skincare formulas for a better price."

This announcement is a great opportunity for folks who want clinically proven medical grade ingredients backed up by in depth university research to try out the YEOUTH formulas which are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee - so the call goes out to new and existing customers, who can expect to enjoy the best buying experience possible.

Kevin Mallory also said: “While YEOUTH might not be the first or the only ones in the world to be doing this, I’m extremely confident we do it the best and so I expect informed skincare enthusiasts will continue to choose us over the L'Oréal owned Skincuticals, since we also formulate the highest quality medical grade anti-aging skincare serums and creams available anywhere but we sell them at a much much better price..”

Further details can be seen at and their Amazon buyer promo code for YEOUTH Retinol 2.5% Serum - effective formula for a third of the price - can be discovered at

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May 16, 2019

How much? Is this a monthly charge?

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