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Discover the Top 3 Acne No-No's You Should be Avoiding This Summer

Posted on June 14, 2016 by Jane Young | 0 comments

Who doesn't love summer? Living your beach vacation dream, the clothes, the warm weather is definitely something to look forward to.

For people with acne, it's an entirely different story. The summer can be a blessing, true, but also a curse. The humidity and heat can throw skin off-balance and you might be seeing more breakouts than the usual. To combat this, you need to make some adjustments to your usual skin routine; which is a good idea providing you make the correct choices with your skin-care switch-ups.
Here are some things that you should never do in the summertime, especially if your skin is prone to acne.
1. Not moisturizing
If you're sweaty and hot, the thought of applying moisturizer can make you squirm. You might think that slathering on moisturizer is going to clog your skin more, but here's where you're wrong.

While it's true that humidity and warmer weather may help with hydrating your skin, you still require the aid of a moisturizer, especially if you have sensitive or extremely dry skin. Your office's chilly temperatures and traveling will aggravate the problem.

Increased air travel and air conditioning during the summer can dry your skin. Skipping your moisturizer will completely will confuse your oil glands and trigger them to produce more oil, which in turn, will exacerbate acne.

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2. Exposure to too much sun - even with SPF
It feels wonderful to be outdoors in the summer! You might think it's okay to spend hours under the sun in the summer because you have your trusty sunscreen on, but you're wrong.

Too much of a good thing may wreck havoc on your skin, and your acne. You might notice a temporary improvement in your acne after being in the sun, however, the sun's rays can darken the appearance of acne scars and current pimples, not to mention that they can actually inflame existing acne, making them more noticeable.

If you use an anti-acne medication that contains benzoyl peroxide or retinol, the irritation could be magnified if you overdo your sun exposure.

Be sun safe by choosing a sunscreen that's gentle, effective, hydrating, and easily absorbed by the skin. YEOUTH's recommendation: Alba Botanica Very Emollient Lavender Sunscreen SPF 45
3. Not taking a shower after sweating
Maybe this sounds familiar to you: you hit the beach, you sweat under the scorching sun, you let the sweat dry up, you pack your bags and head home. I'm guilty of this too.

Then I read an article from a dermatologist in New York City that explains how sweat causes a breeding ground for acne! From then on, I make it a point to shower, as sweat can irritate acne. By washing away sweat thoroughly, and as soon as possible, you can help lessen the severity of breakouts.
Do you have some summer acne prevention tips you'd like to share? Let us know! We love this stuff!

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