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Skin Care Facts You Should Know About

Posted on May 05, 2016 by Jane Young | 0 comments

There are so many myths about skin care out there, it can be difficult to keep it straight. With hype brought about by advertisements and media, "facts" can become distorted, and the truth bent. 

Let us set the record straight with these 5 skin care facts. 

1. Dirty skin does not cause acne.

The root of acne is over production of oil, and clogging of the skin's pores. When your skin produces oil, dead skin cells stick together instead of naturally sloughing off. Over-washing the skin is not the solution to acne - on the contrary, it makes it worse by making the skin dry, causing the oil glands to work double time to produce more oil. Over-scrubbing the skin irritates it and encourages the bacteria to spread, compounding on the problem.

2. Itchy skin is dry skin.

When skin moisture is zapped by harsh soaps or dry weather and is not replenished by a good moisturizer, the skin becomes flaky and dry. When the skin is dry, it becomes itchy. To replace lost moisture, make sure to use the proper moisturizer and body wash. Remember, the skin loses its ability to hold water as we age. To moisturize and nourish the skin, try YEOUTH's L22 Facial Moisturizer. Aside from infusing skin with moisture, this formula helps fill wrinkles and even skin tone.

3. Being indoors doesn't spare you from sun damage.

Surprised? Yes, keeping yourself indoors does not protect you from UV damage. There are two kinds of UV rays - UVA and UVB. The windows can help block UVB, but not UVA. UVA is one of the main causes of wrinkles, while UVB is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. Use sun protection with the appropriate SPF to protect the skin. This is why so many skin care professionals recommend applying sun screen every day as part of your daily regimen. Apply sunscreen both indoors and outdoors on a regular basis. I personally love Neutrogena's Clear Face Sunscreen, it is oil free and will not clog pores, and is specifically designed for acne-prone skin.

4. Popping zits will eradicate them.

This is one thing that you should never do. Popping zits might give you temporary relief, but can leave your skin irritated, sometimes leaving scars. Remember that acne might only be visible on the topmost layer of your skin, but most pimples are deeply rooted in the dermis. Popping a pimple causes the inflammation to travel deeper into your skin, possibly bringing another pimple to surface.

5. Tanning beds and booths don't contain UVB and are safe

We all know that tanning under direct sunlight is unhealthy. But are tanning booths safe? Tanning companies claim that they filter the sunburn-causing UVB rays, however, indoor tanning in all forms is still unsafe. Using a tanning booth, bed, or a sunlamp  exposes your skin to UVA rays, which is just as bad, since it penetrates deeper into the skin and can cause skin cancers and premature aging.


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