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Glycolic Acid, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), is a potent ingredient extensively used in a wide array of commercial skincare products. It has various levels of concentration and is an essential in professional skincare treatments.  

It is important to know how Glycolic Acid works and how we can effectively reap its benefits for our skin!

Acids used in skincare

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHAs)

Glycolic Acid is the star among the other AHAs which includes Lactic Acid, Citric and Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid and Mandelic Acid.  AHAs are water-soluble that can be sourced from various natural products. 

  • Glycolic Acid - sugarcane, also from pineapples, grapes, sugar beets and cantaloupe 
  • Lactic Acid - fermented milk products 
  • Citric Acid - citrus fruits 
  • Mandelic Acid - bitter almonds
  • Tartaric Acid - fermented grapes
  • Malic Acid - apples 

These acids are used in various dermatological diseases, and are effective skincare treatments essentially used  for their exfoliating effects.

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) 

Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) are oil-soluble acids. They include Salicylic Acid sourced from the barks of willow trees, and Citric Acid from various citrus products.  

Other Acids 

Other acids that are also superstar ingredients in skincare include Hyaluronic Acid, L-Ascorbic Acid, Retinoic Acid, Niacinamide - a form of Vitamin B3, and Polyhydroxy Acids

Discover and learn how to properly use and apply all of these acids mentioned, and other ingredients in your skincare routine!

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Our YEOUTH Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel  helps regulate problematic skin by decongesting pores to achieve overall skin clarity. Formulated with 20% salicylic acid, this peel effectively dissolves dirt and oil trapped in the pores.

Glycolic Acid Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why you should be using Glycolic Acid for your skin, either as a stand alone product or ingredient, or as a regular in your skin regimen! 

It is a miracle ingredient that can be effectively used to peel skin with minimal risk. A Glycolic Acid peel, also known as the “Fruit Peel'', is a simple and inexpensive procedure.  It has no downtime, evidence-based, and it gives the best results!  

Glycolic Acid does not only serve as an amazing and effective peel, but it is also formulated in a lot of skincare products like toners, cleansers, masks and creams because of its skin rejuvenating effects.  

Here are all the great reasons why you should welcome glycolic acid into your daily skin routine!

1. Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells 

Our skin naturally produces dead skin cells for new skin cells to develop. And as we age, our skin exfoliates slower.  We can hasten the process of exfoliation by using exfoliating treatments or products. 

People commonly use scrubs to exfoliate, but this can be very irritating to the skin. And scrubs merely eliminate superficial dirt and grime on the skin’s surface!

Glycolic acid is a more soothing and non-abrasive way to exfoliate the skin unlike scrubs. It gently peels off the top layer of the skin, and helps boost cell renewal on the inside revealing a newer, more radiant skin.

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2. Increases skin hydration

Glycolic acid use helps in infusing hydration to the skin for skin health.  It is very important to maintain the skin’s moisture levels to plump up the appearance of dry skin, and avoid premature aging due to dehydration.

3Rejuvenates skin 

Glycolic acid helps dull and dry skin by helping in the production of more collagen to restore skin integrity.  This results in a healthier, more radiant complexion.

4. Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, and from ingrown hair 

Dead skin cells, excess oils, dirt and bacteria accumulate on the skin causing pores to clog and appear enlarged.  It is also the reason for skin to break out and develop acne.  Glycolic acid effectively unclogs pores to make them appear cleaner and tighter.

Diminishes Ingrown Hair

Dead skin cells obstruct hair follicles, and ingrown hair appears.  Glycolic acid helps disintegrate accumulated sebum and dead skin cells making it easier for hair to reach the skin surface without irritations.  Also, regular use of glycolic acid lightens annoying pigmentation marks left by acne and an ingrown hair!

5. Anti Aging, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles 

Glycolic acid, with a concentration level of 8%-25%, is proven to reverse signs of aging and photodamage by increasing collagen levels in the skin.  

Glycolic acid has the smallest molecules among all of the AHAs.  This gives it the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to stimulate cell regeneration and help boost collagen production.  It dissolves dead skin cells and helps create new ones to reveal a soft, blemish-free complexion with less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles!

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6. Helps even skin tone

Glycolic acid reduces the appearance of Melasma and other skin discolorations.  Pigmentations can be treated with the use of various glycolic acid formulations.  It  effectively helps brighten and lighten the skin.

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7. Controls acne 

Glycolic acid disrupts bacterial cell membranes which helps inhibit the growth of acne. It is a safe and tolerable treatment to reduce and get rid of acne.

It also decongest clogged pores to tackle acne causing bacteria, and is extremely effective at fading acne scars as well!

Read our blog: 7 Ways to keep your Skin Clear of Blackheads  

8. Smooths skin 

The skin becomes renewed with the expulsion of dead skin cells and other particles lodged in the skin.  Glycolic acid use restores the skin’s elasticity which makes skin look and feel smoother!

 9. Increases Product Absorption

Glycolic acid prepares the skin for better absorption of the other products applied during your daily skincare routine.  Skin absorbs these products much better when barriers such as dead skin and other impurities are eliminated! 

10. Safe for all Skin Types 

Skin experts highly recommend glycolic acid not just for oily skin or acne-prone skin, but it is also safe for sensitive skin types.  


Glycolic acid offers an endless list of skin benefits to enjoy and take advantage of.  Do not fear the word acid or peels, and their participation in your skin regimen!  Skincare products are now carefully formulated and tested to offer not only amazing results but a safe way to use them in the process!  

Trust your skin and your YEOUTH only to those who truly care and deliver!  Trust in the power of YEOUTH! 

Glycolic Acid 30% Gel Peel with Retinol and Green Tea ($24.95)

Our YEOUTH Glycolic Acid 30% Gel Peel exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more even and smoother skin surface. Formulated with 30% glycolic acid, Retinol, and Green Tea to fortify skin and promote clarity. This peel will also help to minimize the appearance of pores, blackheads and acne.

Have you tried using a Glycolic Acid Peel?  We’ll show you how!  Just ask away in the comments below!
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